Midcentury Modern Art Books


1) GREGG, FREDERICK JAMES. For and against; views on the international exhibition held in New York and Chicago. New York, Association of American
painters and sculptors, inc., 1913.

2) LAURVIK, J. NILSEN. Is it art? Post-impressionism, futurism, cubism. New York, International press, 1913.

3) DE ZAYAS, MARIUS & HAVILAND, PAUL B. A study of the modern evolution of plastic expression. New York, "291," 1913.

4) PALJIIER, HARRIET, Compiler. [Armory Show scrapbook] 1913. Unique collection of clippings, reviews, cartoons, etc. assembled from contemporary records. (Copy in Museum Library.)

5) EDDY, ARTHUR JEROME. Cubists and post-impressionism. Chicago, McClurg, 1914. Written 1913; revision 1919. Bibliography.

6) DANA, JOHN COTTON. American art, how it can be made to flourish. Woodstock, Vt., Elm Tree press, 1914. Second printing, 1929.

7) WRIGHT, WILLARD HUNTINGTON. Modern painting, its tendency and meaning. New York & London, John Lane, 1915.

8) HARTLEY, MABSDEN. Adventures in the arts. New York, Boni & Liveright, 1921.

9) CHENEY, SHELDON. A primer of modern art. New York, Boni & Liveright, 1924. Frequently reprinted.

9a) ROSENFELD, PAUL. Port of New York; essays on fourteen American moderns. N. Y., Harcourt, Brace, 1924.

10) PACH, WALTER. Modern art in America. New York, C. W. Kraushaar galleries, 1928.
11) LAFOLLETTE, SUZANNE. Art in America. New York & London, Harper, 1929.

12) KOOTZ, SAMUEL. Modern American painters. New York, Brewer & Warren, 1930.

13) SAYLER, OLIVER. Revolt in the arts; a survey of the creation, distribution and appreciation of art in America. New York, Brentano's, 1930.

14) ROTHSCHILD, EDWARD F. The meaning of unintelligibility in modern art. Chicago, University of Chicago press, 1931.

15) RINGEL, FRED J., ed. America as Americans see it. New York, Literary Guild, 1932.

16) KEPPEL,FREDERICK P. & DUFFUS, R. L. The arts in American life. New York and London, McGraw- Hill book co., 1933.

17) AMERICA & ALFRED STIEGLITZ. A collective portrait; Waldo Frank, Lewis Mumford, Dorothy Norman, Paul Rosenfeld, and Harold Rugg, ed. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Doran, 1934.

18) CAHILL, HOLGER & BARR, ALFRED H., Jr. Art in America in modern times. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock, 1934. Bibliography.

19) CHENEY, SHELDON. Expressionism in art. New York, Liveright, 1934.

20) CRAVEN, THOMAS. Modern art: the men, the movements, the meaning. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1934.

21) SWEENEY, JAMES JOHNSON. Plastic redirections in 20th century painting. Chicago, University of Chicago press, 1934.

22) SOBY, JAMES THRALL. After Picasso. Hartford, E. V. Mitchell; N.Y., Dodd, Mead, 1935.

23) ROURKE, CONSTANCE. Charles Sheeler, artist in the American tradition. New York, Harcourt, Brace, 1938.

24) GOLDWATER, ROBERT J. Primitivism in modern painting. New York & London, Harper, 1938. Bibliographies, especially p. 207-8.

25) PACH, WALTER. Queer thing, painting; forty years in the world of art. New York & London, Harper, 1938.

26) AMERICAN ABSTRACT ARTISTS. [New York, The Association, 1938].

27) ARMITAGE, MERLE. So called abstract art. 25 leaves. New York, E. Weyhe, 1939.

28) BOSWELL, PEYTON. Modern American painting. New York, 1939.

29) CHENEY, MARTHA CANDLER. Modern art in America. New York, London, Whittlesey house, 1939.

30) JEWELL, EDWARD ALLEN. Have we an American art? New York & Toronto, Longmans, Green, 1939.

31) RICHARDSON, EDGAR PRESTON. The way of western art, 1776-1914. 204 p. il. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard university press, 1939.

32) SAINT-GAUDENS, HOMER. The American artist and his times. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1941.

33) MELLQUIST, JEROME. The emergence of an American art. New York, Scribner's, 1942.

34) PEARSON, RALPH M. Experiencing American pictures. New York, Harper, 1943.

35) JANIS, SIDNEY. Abstract and surrealist art in America. New York, Reynal & Hitchcock, 1944. Illustrations annotated by artist's statements.

36) KEPES, GYORGY. Language of vision; with introductory essays by S. Giedion and S. 1. Hayakawa. Chicago, Paul Theobald, 1944.

37) AMERICAN ABSTRACT ARTISTS. New York, Printed by the Ram press [for the Association], 1946. Distributed by Wittenborn, Schultz, New York.

38) HOFFMAN, FREDERICK J., ALLEN, CHARLES, ULRICH, CAROLYN F. The little magazine, a history and a bibliography. Princeton, N.J., Princeton university
press, 1946. Chronology of the avant-garde journal in America.

39) MOHOLY-NAGY, LASZLO. Vision in motion. Chicago, Paul Theobald, 1947.

40) PUTNAM, SAMUEL. Paris was our mistress; memoirs of a lost and found generation. New York, Viking press, 1947.

41) MONRO, ISABEL S. & MONRO, KATE M. Index to reproductions of American paintings; a guide to pictures occurring in more than eight hundred books.
New York, H. W. Wilson, 1948.

42) SOBY, JAMES THRALL. Contemporary painters. New York, Museum of modern art, 1948.

43) BLANSHARD, FRANCIS BRADSHAW. Retreat from likeness in the theory of painting. New York, Columbia university press, 1949. Bibliography.

44) HAYTER, STANLEY WILLIAM. New ways of gravure. New York, Pantheon books, 1949.

45) LARKIN, OLIVER W. Art and life in America. New York, Rinehart, 1949. Extensive bibliographies. Pulitzer prize award.

46) LEEPA, ALLEN. The challenge of modern art. New York, Beechhurst press, 1949.

47) RATHBUN, MARY CHALMERS & HAYES, BARTLETI H., Jr. Layman's guide to modern art; painting for a scientific age. New York, Oxford university press, 1949. Based on Addison gallery exhibition "Seeing the unseeable" (1947).

48) THREE LECTURES ON MODERN ART. [By K. S. Dreier, J. J. Sweeney, N. Gabo]. New York, Philosophical library, 1949.

49) WIGHT, FREDERICK S. Milestones of American painting in our century. Boston, Institute of contemporary art; New York, Chanticleer press, 1949.

50) COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE. The American mind, an interpretation of American thought and character since the 1880's. New Haven, Yale university press, 1950.

51) MYERS, BERNARD. Modern art in the making. New York, Toronto, London, McGraw-Hill book co., 1950.

52) WEITZ, MORRIS. Philosophy of the arts. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard university press, 1950.

53) MODERN ARTISTS IN AMERICA. Editors: Robert Motherwell, Ad Reinhardt. New York, Wittenborn, Schultz, (in process). "A study of the avante-garde in
America" reviewing American painting and sculpture for the season 1949-50. Scheduled for spring 1951.


54) NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. MUSEUM OF LIVING ART. Museum of living art, A. E. Gallatin collection. New York, 1940. Opened 1927; other catalogs 1930,1933, 1937; historical review Art News 42 no. 1:14-15,27-8 Feb 15 1943.

55) GUGGENHEIM, SOLOMON R. Art of tomorrow, fifth catalogue of the Solomon R. Guggenheim collection of non-objective paintings. New York, 1939. Text by Hilla Rebay.

56) ART OF THIS CENTURY, NEW YORK. Art of the century. . . 1910 to 1942. Edited by Peggy Guggenheim. New York, 1942.

57) NEW YORK. MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. Painting and sculpture in the Museum of modern art. Edited by Alfred H. Barr, Jr. N. Y., 1948. Founded 1929; supplement Museum Bulletin 17 no. 2-3 1950.

58) MILLER COMPANY, MERIDEN, CONN. Painting towards architecture. Text by Henry-Russell Hitchcock. N. Y., Duell, Sloan ar:d Pearce, 1948.

59) CHICAGO. ART INSTITUTE. 20th century art from the Louise and Walter Arensberg collection. 1949. Pioneer collection exhibited Oct. 20-Dec. 18, 1949.

60) NEW HAVEN, CONN. YALE,UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY. Collection of the Societe anonyme: Museum of modern art 1920. New Haven, Conn., Associates in fine arts, Yale university, 1950. List of exhibitions, lectures, publications (1920.1939). Katherine S. Dreier and Marcel Duchamp ; Trustees. Extensive notes and bibliographies. Cataloged. by G. H. Hamilton, curator.


61) ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN PAINTERS AND SCULPTORS, INC. Catalogue of international exhibition of modern art ... at the Armory. [New York, 1913]. Exhibited Feb .. Mar.; variant catalogs for Boston and Chicago showings.

62) THE FORUM, NEW YORK. The Forum exhibition of modern American painters. New York, 1916. Exhibited Mar. 13-25 at Anderson galleries.

63) SOCIETE ANONYME (MUSEUM OF MODERN ART), NEW YORK. Catalogue of an international exhibition of modern art assembled by the Societe anonyme, November 19, 1926 to January 1, 1927. [Brooklyn, N. Y., Brooklyn museum, 1926]. To be supplemented by Katherine S. Dreier: Modern Art. New York, Societe Anonyme, 1926.

64) NEW YORK. WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART. Abstract painting in America, February 12 to March 22. New York, 1935. Reviewed Magazine of Art 28: 168-70 Mar 1935.

65) NEW YORK. MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. Cubism and abstract art, by Alfred H. Barr, Jr. New York, 1936. Bibliography.

66) AMERICAN ABSTRACT ARTISTS. Exhibition, April 3-17, 1937 ... Squibb galleries. 32 leaves in folder [New York, 1937]. The AAA has issued yearbooks (1938, 1946) and annual checklists of exhibitions.

67) ST. ETIENNE, GALERIE, NEW YORK. American abstract art, assembled by Stephan Lion. 1940. Exhibited May 22-June 12. Foreword by G. L. K. Morris.

68) NEW ART CENTER, NEW YORK. Masters of abstract art. New York, 1942. Edited by Stephan C. Lion and Charmion Wiegand for Helena Rubinstein's gallery, Apr. I - May 15. Texts by Davis, Holty, Morris, etc.

69) SAN FRANCISCO. MUSEUM OF ART. Abstract and surrealist art in the United States. San Francisco, 1944. Circulating exhibition selected by Sidney Janis.

70) NEW YORK. MUSEUM OF NON-OBJECTIVE ART. Loan exhibition April 15, 1944. 154 works, check list only. Another loan exhibition, Oct. 15, 1947.

71) PHILADELPHIA. MUSEUM OF ART. Eight by eight, American abstract painting since 1940. 1945. Exhibited Mar. 7.Apr. 1. Preface by G. L. K. Morris.

72) NEW YORK. WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART. Pioneers of American art in America, April 9 - May 19. 1946. Introduction by Lloyd Goodrich. Reviewed Art News 45:34-7, 65 Apr 1946.

73) NEW YORK. MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. Fourteen Americans. Edited by Dorothy C. Miller, with statements by the artists and others. New York, 1946. Included Gorky, Motherwell, Noguchi, Pereira, Roszak, Tobey.

74) CHICAGO. ART INSTITUTE. Abstract and surrealist American art. Chicago, 1947. 58th American annual. "The first forty years" by K. Kuh.

75) URBANA, ILL. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. COLLEGE OF FINE AND APPLIED ARTS. Exhibition of contemporary American painting. Urbana, Ill., 1950. Exhibited Feb. 26. Apr. 2; extensive biographies.


76) MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH. A selected bibliography on American painting and sculpture from colonial times to the present. Magazine of Art 39:329-49 Nov 1946.

77) POHL, LA VERA ANN. Die Entwicklung del' Malerei in Amerika von 1913.1938; inaugural-dissertation. Bonn, Buchdruckerei J. F. Carthaus, 1939. Thesis for Bonn University; chronological list of American museums and associations; index of foreign-born. American artists; bibliography.

78) PHILADELPHIA. MUSEUM OF ART. History of an American, Alfred Stieglitz: "291" and after; selections from the Stieglitz collection. 1944. Reviewed by D.
Grafty: The fathering of modern art in America. The Studio 130: 148-50 Nov 1945. See also O. Larkin: Alfred Stieglitz and "291." Magazine of Art 40:178-83 May 1947, and Fisk University. Carl Van Vochten Gallery of Fine Arts. Catalogue of the Alfred Stieglitz collection for Fisk University. 1949.

79) FOUR MEMOIRS OF THE GROWTH OF ART AND TASTE IN AMERICA. Art News 37 no.22: 63-70, 153-6, 168- 70,172,174,178-9 Annual Number 1939. Walt Kuhn, Henry McBride, D. G. Kelekian, S. A. Lewisohn.

80) MELLQUIST, JEROl\1E. The Armory show 30 years later. Magazine of Art 36:298-301 Dec 1943.

81) DASBURG, ANDREW. Cubism-its rise and influence. The Arts 4 no.5: 279-84 Nov 1923.

82) SCHACK, WILLIAM. On abstract painting; On abstract sculpture. Magazine of Art 27:470-5 Sept 1934; 27:580-8 Nov 1934. Extended commentary by W. Abell: The limits of abstraction. 28:735-40 Dec 1935.

83) SCHAPIRO, MEYER. Nature of abstract art. Marxist Quarterly (New York) 1 no.l:77-98 Jan-Mar 1937.

84) BALDINGER, W. S. Formal change in recent American painting. Art Bulletin. 19 no. 4: 580-91 Dec 1937.

85) PLASTIQUE. [American number] no.3 Printemps 1938. Edited by .. S. H. Taeuber-Arp, A. E. Gallatin, G. L. K. Morris.

86) DAVIS, STUART. Art & the masses, Art Digest 14 no.l:13, 34 Oct 1 1939. On abstract art controversy recorded in the New York Times.

87) AMERICAN ART AND THE MUSEUM. Bulletin of the Museum oj Modern Art (New York) 7 no. 1 Nov 1940. "A report of the extent and variety of what the Museum has done in the field of American art."

88) DAVIS, STUART. Ahstract art in the American scene. Pamassus 13:100-3 Mar 1941.

89) MORRIS, GEORGE L. K. On the mechanics of abstract painting. Partisan Review 8 no.5:403-17 Sept-Oct 1941.

90) LIFE OR DEATH FOR ABSTRACT ART? Magazine of Art 36:110-11, 117 -9 Mar 1943. Debate by Lincoln Kirstein and G. L. K. Morris.

91) BROWN, MILTON W. Cubist-realism: an American style. Marsyas (New York University) 3:139-60 1943-45.

92) MOTHERWELL, ROBERT. Painter's objects. Partisan Review 11 no.l:93-7 Winter 1944.

93) PORTER, DAVID, GALLERY. Personal statement, painting prophecy, 1950. Washington, D.C., David Porter, 1945. Statements by American contemporaries
[or an exhibition held Feb 1945.

94) GREENBERG, CLEMENT. The present prospects of American painting and sculpture. Horizon 16 no.93-4: 20-30 Oct 1947.

95) TYLER, PARKER. The humanism of abstract art. Gazette des Beaux-Arts 31:47-60 Jan-Feb 1947.

96) REINHARDT, ADOLPH F. How to look at modern art in America [a cartoon]. Akron Art Institute "Summer activities" number 1947,1947. Cartoon From
the New York paper P M.

97) THE IDES OF ART: the attitudes of 10 artists on their art and contemporaneousness. il. Tiger's Eye (West- port, Conn.) no.2:42-6 Dec 1947.

98) POSSIBILITIES 1, Winter 1947/8. An occasional review [edited by Robert Motherwell and others] New York, Wittenborn, Schultz, 1948 (Problems of contemporary art.4) Statements by Baziotes, Hayter, Motheruell, Pollock, Rothko, Smith.

99) DEFENBACHER, D. S. Foreword. In Walker Art Center. Second biennial exhibition of paintings and prints. Minneapolis, 1949.

100) SAN FRANCISCO ART ASSOCIATION. The western round table on modern art; abstract of proceedings. Edited by Douglas MacAgy. San Francisco, 1949.

101) A SYMPOSIUM: THE STATE OF AMERICAN ART. Magazine of Art 42:82-102 Mar 1949.

102) SUTTON, DENYS. The challenge of American art, Horizon 20 no.118:268-84 Oct 1949.

103) SEELEY, CAROL. On the nature of abstract painting in America. Magazine of Art 43:163-8 May 1950. Previously published: Notes on the use of symbols in contemporary painting il. Art Quarterly (Detroit) no. 4.:324-34 Autumn 1948.

104) TANNENBAUM, LIBBY. Notes at mid-century. il. Magazine of Art 43 no.8:289-92 Dec 1950.

105) GIEDION-WELCKER, CAROLA. Modern plastic art: elements of reality, volume and disintegration. Zurich, H. Girsberger, 1937. (Revision in process, 1951.)

106) SEYMOUR, CHARLES. Tradition and experiment in modern sculpture. 86 P: iJ. Washington, D.C., American university press, 1949.

107) CUNLIFFE, MITZI SOLOMON. Earth and tools rediscovered. il. Magazine oj Art 44:22-4 Jan 1951.

108) GREENBERG, CLEMENT. The new sculpture. Partisan Review 16:637-42 June 1949.

109) HOFMANN, HANS. Sculpture. In his Search for the real. Andover, Mass. Addison gallery of American art, 1948.

110) THE IDES OF ART: 14 SCULPTORS WRITE. il. Tiger's Eye (Westport, Conn.) no.4:73-107 June 1948.

111) CALDER, ALEXANDER. Mobiles. In Evans, Myfanwy, ed. The painter's object. p.62-7 il. London, Gerald Howe, 1937.

112) LIPPOLD, RICHARD. Variation number seven: Full moon. Arts .& Architecture 67:22-3, 50 May 1950. Additional commentary, 64:22-3 Aug 1947.

113) LIPTON, SEYMOUR. Experience and sculptural form. College Art Journal 9 no.l:52-4 1949. Additional "notes on my work." Magazine of Art 40:264-5 Nov 1947.

114) NOGUCHI, ISAMU. Meanings in modern sculpture. Art News 48:12-15,55-6 Mar 1949. Additional definitions, Interiors 108:118-23 Mar 1949.

115) ROSZAK, THEODORE J. Some problems of modern sculpture. Magazine oj Art 42:53-6 Feb 1949.

116) SMITH, DAVID. Sculpture. Architectural Record 88 no.4:77-80 Oct 1940.

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